Theater Booking and Costs


The Colonial Theatre is a venue with 572 fixed seats


Handling a variety of showcase; Everything from the Performing Arts, Amateur & Pro Boxing, Amateur & Pro Wrestling, musical concerts, film festivals, movie screenings and more.

To rent the Colonial Theatre for your next event please email your request to  Please include your name, telephone number, specific date you are requesting, the type of event you are planning, equipment needed and hours you will be using the venue. 

The hours include your load in time, time(s) of show(s) and load out time. 

Our booking staff will contact you regarding your inquiry.

At the time of signing the rental contract, we require 50% deposit of the total cost to rent the venue.  

Any remaining balance is due seven days before your event.


If you have further questions you may contact Amanda Santillan at 916-588-8718.

Base Costs


Price includes venue, stage lighting w / tech and clean up,  from load-in through load-out (first four hours)


Monday - Thursday                         $700.00 Base (first four hours)

 Friday - Sunday                              $800.00 Base  (first four hours)

Beyond the base four hours, cost is $100/hr.

501 (c)-3 organizations receive 15% off base rate.

House Sound System

Cost for the Theatre's PA system is $300 per day.  System includes:

Mackey 16 channel mixer

Microphpnes SM58 (3) SM48 (4) SM Beta (1)

Wireless handheld EV (2)

Wireless headsets AT (2)

Amps Crown and QSC in bridge mode, one per channel

Horns 200 watt Klipsch (2)

Mains JBL 826 (2)

Subs Yamaha SW 118 IV 500 watt (2)

Stage monitors Community (2)

9 channel audio snake

6 additional hard-wire microphones available at $10.00 each

If you have any questions regarding the House Sound System

Please contact our sound engineer John March (916) 256-6695



Promoters may bring their own sound system if desired along with all connections

cables, extension cords, microphones, microphone stands and any other equipment needed for their event.

The Colonial Theatre WILL NOT provide any sound equipment needed by promotors bringing their own sound system.

Additional Equipment Available

Video recording, film projection (35 mm) and Blue-Ray DVD projection available at additional cost.

Spotlight available for $50 per day.

Fog Machine available for $50 per day